How to remove toothpaste stains from clothes

Dribbling toothpaste on your clothing when you're getting ready to leave the house results in stress and an embarrassing toothpaste stain on your otherwise nice outfit. Whether you have time to attend to the toothpaste stain straight away or must wait until after work, you can remove toothpaste stains from clothing using supplies found in most kitchens or utility rooms. You can even remove blue toothpaste easily, resulting in a stain-free garment.

Scrape off the toothpaste from your clothing as quickly as possible. Even if you cannot finish removing the toothpaste stain until later, at least remove the toothpaste so it cannot soak into the fabric fibres.

Rinse the site of the toothpaste stain on your clothing with cold water. Hold the clothing under a tap and continue to run water through the fabric until as much as possible of the residual toothpaste stain is gone.

Apply a pre-wash stain remover solution or powder to the site of the toothpaste stain on your clothing. Rub the fabric together to work the stain remover into the fibres. Allow the pre-wash stain remover to sit on your clothing for 10 minutes.

Machine wash your clothing, according to the directions on the care label. Before placing your garment in a tumble dryer, check to ensure the toothpaste stain is completely gone.


As long as you remove toothpaste from your clothes quickly, the rest of the stain should come off easily.


Some whitening toothpastes contains peroxide, which is a bleaching agent. Left to sit on clothing, whitening toothpaste can leave a discoloured stain.

Things You'll Need

  • Scraper
  • Pre-wash stain remover
  • Washing powder
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