How to protect your pug dog from cold weather

Pugs are squished-face adorable little dogs thought to come from China because of the resemblance to the Pekinese. Pugs are not very active, therefore, these toy dogs are great for apartment living. In fact, these sweet-tempered guys should not live outdoors at all, as pugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Hot weather can cause death, so it is best to keep pugs safe inside the house during the summer. However, the cold is not well tolerated by pugs either. Here are a few things you can do to keep your pug safe and warm during the winter months.

Keep your pug inside with you during cold weather. Dogs are happiest when they are with you and pugs, which are susceptible to catching colds during hot and cold weather, are one breed that should not be kept outdoors. Do not rely on a doghouse to keep your pug warm.

Groom your pug on a daily basis. Regardless of the weather pugs shed a lot. That extra hair needs to be brushed out to allow air circulation to the skin. Despite the added mass, matted hair does not keep your pug warmer in cold weather. When bathing your pug turn, the heat up until after he is completely dry.

Dress your pug for cold weather by using sweaters when the air is chilled and coats when it is colder. Cold weather gear is normal for many short-haired breeds and pugs are no exception. There are coats, sweaters and jackets all designed to keep your pug warm. Always check the material to be sure it is adequate enough for the weather.

Buy bootees for your pug if the cold or ice bothers its paws. It might take some time for your pug to get used to the boots, so try to introduce them to your pug by putting them on for short periods of time each day. If your pug will not wear bootees, then wipe down his legs and paws when he comes in from the cold. Do not forget between the toes.

Leave your pug home when you go out in the winter. Cars can get extremely cold and dogs can freeze to death. Even if you are only going to the store for a few minutes, the car will cool down quickly when you turn it off and your pug will be miserable and shivering when you get back to the car.

Provide a doggy bed. Place the bed up off the cold floor and away from drafts. Department stores now have heated dog beds for extra comfort for your pug during the winter months. Add a sheepskin blanket for your pug to cuddle under when chilled.


If your pug becomes chilled, try heating a towel in the dryer and then wrapping him up until the shivers stop.

Things You'll Need

  • Dog brush
  • Dog bed
  • Dog sweaters
  • Dog coats
  • Doggy boots
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