How to write a company profile

Updated April 17, 2017

A company profile is designed to explain your business to people who aren't familiar with it. Profiles are often tailored for a specific use, such as a conference or the "About" page of your corporate website. A profile will usually answer questions about the company's location, staff and finances. It tells people about the mission and direction of your business.

Divide the company profile into sections according to the questions you are answering. Each section should contain information specific to one category of information. Most company profiles include information about the company's history, products and operations, as well as short biographies of the executive officers.

Make the content of the company profile factual and specific, but choose words that a lay person could understand.

Make the content interesting by including the human element of your business, such as its impact on people's lives. Don't include editorial content or your own opinions about the company.

Include the details of a contact person for those seeking further information.

Review the company profile with management and rewrite it as needed.


Release the company profile by posting it on your corporate website for the public and on your company's intranet for employees. If your company profile is intended for a conference or other specific event, contact the event organiser to ensure you've written it to match any templates or formats the event will use.

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