How to Power a Centurion 7 Tft Monitor

Updated February 21, 2017

The Centurion 7 TFT monitor is a handheld TV designed for portable use (although there is a home electrical socket connection available). Despite its small size, the television does not have an included battery compartment, but it does have a DC 12-volt connector. This is the same power supply source found in a vehicle's cigarette lighter port. With the single power connection, you can watch your programming or connect an outside device to the portable television and enjoy the content while on the road.

Insert the DC 12-volt cable into the power port of the Centurion 7 TFT monitor. The connection port is located on the rear of the television. If using the TV at home, plug the electrical socket cable into the two-prong connection outlet (located next to the DC 12 connection).

Plug the wide, circular end of the cable into the DC 12 volt power port inside your vehicle. Many new cars have multiple power ports located throughout the car. The DC volt power port is the cigarette outlet located under the stereo system. Newer vehicles have additional ports located near the boot and passenger seats for additional power connections. If using the TV at home, plug the standard electrical cable into any local sockets.

Connect the outside equipment to the monitor, then press the "Power" button on the Centurion 7 TFT monitor. Turning the television on before connecting the outside equipment may result in an electrical shock, so use extreme caution.

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