How to remove coffee stains from dentures

Dentures are subject to many of the same unsightly stains as natural teeth, and they require regular cleaning to maintain their white appearance. When you regularly drink coffee, over time dentures may begin to exhibit a dingy or yellowed appearance. Remove coffee stains from dentures with careful and regular cleaning.

Remove your dentures from your mouth and brush the surfaces of the dentures with the denture brush as soon as possible after you finish drinking coffee.

Place a small amount of denture cleanser onto the denture brush and gently scrub the denture surfaces with the cleanser to remove superficial stains. Rinse the dentures under warm water.

Brush your gums and mouth with a soft gum brush, then rinse your mouth. Insert the dentures back into your mouth.

Remove the dentures before you go to bed and brush them again with the denture cleanser.

Fill the glass with warm water and add the denture soak tablets to the water. Place your dentures into the glass and allow them to soak overnight.

Rinse the dentures the following morning and place them in your mouth.

Soak the dentures in white vinegar overnight once each week. The white vinegar will help to remove additional coffee staining. Rinse the dentures after soaking them in vinegar and place them into your mouth.


If home cleaning methods do not remove the coffee stains satisfactorily, consult your dentist for professional cleaning options.


Never soak dentures in hot water, because this can warp dentures.

Things You'll Need

  • Denture brush
  • Denture cleanser (paste or powder)
  • Denture soak tablets
  • Glass
  • White vinegar
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