How to Drill in Hard Brick Walls

Updated November 21, 2016

Drilling in hard brick is necessary for many homeowners who need to hang paintings, lighting or other objects on brick walls. Drilling in brick requires a drill bit that is capable of cutting through the hard material in order to install an anchor. A screw or bolt goes in the anchor either to hang the object on or to go through the object to secure it to the wall.

Mark the spot where you will drill with a permanent marker. Consider any height requirements for the object and ensure that it will be centred if necessary.

Place a masonry drill bit into the chuck of the drill. Choose a drill bit that will provide enough room for the anchor you will be using. The anchor packaging will usually indicate the recommended drill bit size. The bit should drill a hole large enough for the anchor to fit into so that it is flush with the brick when you install it.

Plug the drill into an electrical socket. Hold the drill with your dominant hand and grip the handle. Steady the drill with your other hand making sure to keep your fingers clear of the drill bit.

Place the tip of the drill bit on the brick at the marked point. Level the drill so that the bit will enter the wall level.

Apply firm pressure and press the trigger on the drill. As the bit begins to cut a hole into the brick, continue to apply steady pressure until you have drilled the hole to a depth that will accept the anchor.


Wear safety glasses at all times when drilling brick or any masonry.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Masonry bit
  • Permanent marker
  • Safety glasses
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