How to pay speeding fines online

Updated March 21, 2017

Soon after a police officer issues a speeding ticket, you will receive a written summons in the mail to either appear in court or pay the fine online or by mail. If you lose the summons, but still want to pay your speeding ticket, you can find the speeding ticket and pay it online using a major credit card. The process is easy, but you must complete all required fields and follow all onscreen prompts, which can vary from court to court.

Go to the website of the state where the ticket is assigned. For example, a motorist who receives a speeding ticket in California would go to

Click on the "Home and Family" tab. Select the "Driving and Transport" tab below.

Select an option to pay traffic fines online.

Click on the name of the county where the speeding ticket was issued. Wait to be directed to the superior court for that particular county.

Locate a pay online tab to verify that online payments are accepted.

Enter your first and last name into the "Search Term" box. Click "Search."

Scroll down to your case. Click on "Mark for Payment" or "Make a payment online."

Pay the fine, including any online processing fees and late fees, using a major credit card.

Follow onscreen prompts, including instructions to click a "Continue Payment Process" button.

Complete all required fields.

Print a copy of your online receipt.


Keep receipt of payment for your personal records.


You may be allowed to pay only a maximum number of cases at any one time.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Credit card
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