How to View a Private Facebook Account

Updated March 23, 2017

Facebook is a powerful social-networking site with millions of active users. It offers several ways for keeping in touch with friends, including private messaging, wall posts and status updates. However, due to its popularity, many employers and criminals use Facebook to look for people of interest. Due to this and a combination of other factors, such as privacy from strangers, many Facebook users set their profiles to "Private." Other Facebook users have a limited amount of options when it comes to viewing a private profile.

Log onto your Facebook account.

Send a friend invite. Sending a friend invite and being accepted as a friend to a private profile will grant you access to the profile.

Become friends with a friend of the private profile user's. Many private profiles grant access to friends of the private profile user's friends, depending on the security level the private profile user has set.


Posing as someone else to gain access to a user's private profile is against the law, and you could face legal action if you do so. Do not consider this option.

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