How to Create a Tile Background for MS Word

Updated March 23, 2017

The term "tiling" in graphic design refers to filling a space with a repeated pattern or image. Tiling is common in the backdrop of web pages, but you can also create this effect in a word processing document, such as with Microsoft Word (also called MS Word).

Decide on your desired tile pattern. You can use a picture from your own collection, find a picture you like online (make sure you have permission to use the image), or just wait to see the images and patterns Microsoft Word has available.

Load Word and press "CTRL+N" to create a new document (if one doesn't appear automatically).

Click the "Page Layout" tab on your main menu. Press the "Page Color" option on the "Page Background" section, which brings up a list of colour options for your background.

Select "Fill Effects" and then hit the "Texture," "Pattern," or "Picture" tab—your choice. Click the "Picture" tab to upload your own image. Select "Texture" or "Pattern" to browse the images and patterns that Word has available for your use.

Choose your picture, pattern or texture then click "OK." The image tiles throughout the background of your Word document. You can now proceed to add text and images in Word on top of the background as you would normally if it were white.


These instructions are specific to Microsoft Word 2007 but are similar to those for other versions of Word.

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