How to build your own dog kennel from scratch

Updated February 21, 2017

An outdoor dog kennel can be a great retreat for your beloved pet. Building a dog kennel from scratch can save you money. The process to build a dog kennel on your own requires very little construction experience, and materials aren't heavy or complicated to manoeuvre for one person. Consider adding your pets favourite toys and treats to the new outdoor play area. This plan builds a 128-square-foot dog kennel.

Use the wire snips to cut down the middle of one hog panel making two 8 foot sections. Set these pieces aside to be the width pieces of the dog kennel.

Lay two 16-foot hog panels on the ground side by side in the area where the kennel will be built. Attach these pieces together using panel clips and fencing pliers. Crimp the panel clips around both panels every foot. This panelled bottom will prevent the dog from digging under the kennel.

Place the bottom panel in the kennel area. Use a fence post driver to drive a fence post in every corner of the 8-by-16 panel. Place the fence posts in the last fence square at each edge. Slide the fence post driver over the T post; raise the driver and allow it to fall. Repeat that motion and drive the fence posts two feet deep.

Lay ten more T posts, four feet apart, around the perimeter of the kennel. Drive these posts two feet deep. Set aside the remaining T post for the gate.

Attach one 16-foot panel on each side of the kennel. Line up the panel with the bottom of the kennel and use the fencing pliers to attach fence clips. Cut bailing wire strips 5 inches long, with wire snips, to secure the hog panel to the T posts.

Connect one 8-foot section that was cut in the first step to the side without a gate. This is the back of the kennel so position it accordingly.

Examine the kennel and decide where to locate the gate. Drive the fence post 3 feet from the corner on that side. Start at the opposite end of the gate post and attach the 8-feet-wide panel. Stop when you attach the panel to the gate post.

Cut eight 9-feet pieces of bailing wire. Wrap the end of one wire at the top of the kennel panel. Stretch the wire across the top and attach in the same spot on the other side. These wires will provide a bit of support to the kennel top. Repeat for all wires aligning them two feet apart.

Link the remaining two hog panels as you did the first. Slide the full 8-by-16 panel onto the top of the kennel and attach with panel clips.


Add a doghouse for an all weather dog kennel. This plan can be sized down for a smaller enclosure.


Don't forget to add the water dish and food bowel.

Things You'll Need

  • 7 feedlot hog panels
  • 11 steel T posts
  • 200 panel clips
  • Fencing pliers
  • Fence post driver
  • 100 foot bailing wire
  • Wire snips
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