How to Convert VHS Video to CD

Updated February 21, 2017

At some point, almost everybody had a VCR that played VHS tapes. These machines allowed people to record their favourite TV shows and play movies for home entertainment. Transferring your old VHS tapes to CD is a good way to not only make a copy, but also bring them into the digital age so you can play them on your computer or mobile player. Converting your VHS cassettes to CD is easy with a couple of simple tools.

Connect the RCA component cables (red, white, yellow) to the "Out" ports of your VCR. Then, connect the other end of the RCA component cables to the "Input" of your digital converter box.

Plug the rectangular end of your USB cable into the "Output" of the digital converter box. Then, insert the flat end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer.

Turn on your computer, then start your video recording software.

Click the "File" menu at the top left-hand side of the software screen and select "New" from the choices given. Depending on your software, choose the "Video Capture" option or something similar. A small window will pop up for you to enter where to get the video. Check "External Input" or something similar.

Turn on your VCR, then insert the VHS tape and press "Play."

Look for the VHS picture to show up in the small viewing window on the right-hand side of your video software.

Rewind your VHS tape to the point you would like to begin recording it, if necessary. Press "Record" on your video software. Press "Play" on your VCR and allow the tape to play fully.

Press the "Stop" button on the video software when you have completed recording the VHS tape. Click "File," then "Save As" from the options given. Type in a name for your movie and select "Desktop" from the drop-down menu. Press "OK" and go back to your desktop. Your file should be there with a small icon.

Open your CD burning software. Drag your file from the desktop to your CD burning software's queue.

Open the CD-ROM drive on your computer and insert a blank CD.

Wait for the CD burning software to recognise your blank CD, then click "Burn" and wait for the software to burn the CD.

Click the "Start" menu on your computer, then select "My Computer" from the choices given. Locate your CD from the choices and right click on it. Select "Eject" to remove the CD from the drive.


Make sure you use high quality RCA cables to make the best copy possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows based computer
  • VCR
  • RCA component cables
  • Digital video converter box
  • USB cable
  • Video capture software
  • CD burning software
  • Blank CD
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