How to Check Motorcycle VIN Numbers

Updated February 21, 2017

A motorcycle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is 11 to 17 characters long, and includes a combination of numbers and letters. You can use the VIN to search for information on a used motorcycle, including the number of previous owners and mileage. VIN reports may be obtained from a DMV (online or in person), or various commercial websites.

Locate and copy down your motorcycle's VIN, which is usually printed on a metal plate. According to, it is often found on the engine or frame of a motorcycle.

Check for information about your VIN online. Your state's DMV may offer a free motorcycle VIN lookup, or you can visit a site such as Motorcycle Histories (see link under Resources). Commercial sites usually offer free basic information, but require a fee for more detailed results.

Visit your local DMV and perform a VIN check. Depending on the policies of your state's DMV, you may have to complete a form and pay a fee.

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