How to Make a Bar Graph in Microsoft Works Word

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Word has many features besides simple word processing. One feature that aids in presentations and statistical data publications is a graph chart. Word gives you the ability to create a bar, pie or line graph in either standard or three-dimensional. Create a bar graph in Microsoft Word that displays important business figures, survey results or even annual family spending. Making a bar graph in Word is relatively easy, since Microsoft provides the tools you need to effectively generate your own bar graph.

Open Microsoft Word. Go to "Insert" > Object."

Select "Microsoft Graph Chart," then hit "OK." A datasheet with a preview of the chart appears.

Click on the "Chart Type" drop-down from the Graph tool bar and select "Bar Chart" or "3-D Bar Chart."

Click a cell in the first column of the datasheet. Type the desired information in each cell. The data in the left column represents data groups. A colour is assigned to each group listed in that column. For example, the left column may list the days of the week.

Select a cell in the top row of the datasheet and type the desired information into each cell. The top row represents the frequency or amount of the data groups. For example, the top row may list the times of day.

Choose a cell with a number in it, and type in the numerical information into each cell. The numbers in the middle represent the amounts or frequencies. For example, this is where the amount of money spent on Tuesday at 9 a.m. would appear. Place the amount where "Tuesday" and "9 a.m." intersect on the datasheet.

Click on the Word document to view the finished bar graph.

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