How to Cancel an Xbox 360 Live Monthly Subscription

Updated April 17, 2017

The Xbox Live online gaming service allows you access to online multiplayer gaming, movies and music through your Xbox 360 video game system. In order to use the Xbox Live gaming service, you register and set up a silver- or gold-level membership account. The silver account is provided for free and gives you access to basic Xbox Live services. The gold account is provided for a monthly subscription and provides access to Xbox Live advanced features. To avoid the monthly service fee associated with the gold level account it must be cancelled with Microsoft support.

Contact Microsoft Support at 800-469-9269.

Inform the support staff member of your intent to cancel your Xbox Live account.

Provide any information asked for by the support staff member. He will cancel your Xbox Live monthly subscription.


Have your gamertag and account details ready before you call Microsoft support to speed up the cancellation process.

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