PSP Snow Animation Tutorial

Updated February 21, 2017

Paint Shop Pro (PSP) is a graphics package currently produced by the Corel Corporation. This software suite consists of two main applications: PSP and Animation Factory. PSP works to produce or modify both raster and vector digital images. Animation Factory creates action or activity using a storyboard format. By combining these two programs, you can add a layer to an image and simulate falling snow. Those new to Paint Shop Pro might need to take the time to learn the fundamental steps of working within this environment. However, once you have the basics down, creating an animated layer will be a straightforward process.

Open Paint Shop Pro on your computer. Load the image you want on the canvas. For example, if you have a graphic with a snowman and want to add snow to the background, click on "File", then "Open." Locate the snowman on your hard drive and click the "Open" button on the dialogue box.

Create a new raster layer for the snow, right-click on the layer palette and select "New Raster Layer."

Open the Paintbrush tool in PSP by pressing the "F4" key on your keyboard. If that does not work, click on "View" at the top of the screen. Select "Palettes" and then "Tool Options" from the View menu. Click on the "Circle" brush from the paintbrush options. Play with the option setting on the brush until you create the look you want for your snow. For example, you might set the size of the brush to "5." Try it out on the canvas, then go back and change it to "3" if the flakes are too large.

Speckle the raster layer with snow using the circle brush. Pay attention to the underlying image and do not cover up important areas. For instance, if your original picture has a little girl in it, you would not want to cover her face with snow.

Press the "Shift + Ctrl + C" buttons on your keyboard to copy all your layers.

Open "Animation Shop" on your computer.

Paste the layers from PSP to Animation Shop by pressing "Ctrl + V" on your keyboard.

Return to PSP and repeat the steps to create another snow layer.

Repeat the process to copy your new layers and move back to Animation Shop. Press "Ctrl + Shift + L" to set up the next frame of your animation.

Create as many snow layers as necessary to design a realistic image of snow falling.

Click on the first frame in Animation Shop and press "Ctrl + C" on your keyboard. This will copy the frame. Press "Ctrl + Shift + L" to paste that frame onto the animation storyboard.

Move back to the first frame and right-click on it. Select "Insert Image Transition" from the menu that appears next to your cursor.

Input your settings for the animation in the Transitions dialogue box. Click on the drop-down box on the lower right side of the screen and choose "Fade." Select the settings for the action on the image, such as frame speed. For example, you must decide how many frames to process per second. You may need to play with these settings to create the look you want.

Select the "Preview" icon at the top of the screen to see how your snow looks and make changes if necessary.

Navigate to the top of the screen and select "Save" from the File menu. This will save the new image to your hard drive.


This tutorial will work on most versions of PSP and Animation Factory.

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