How to make a cdg disc from MP3 songs

Updated February 21, 2017

CDG files, combined music and graphics files, are used for karaoke CDs. It's easy to burn CDR's with MP3 and corresponding .cdg files (the graphics files that show the words in a karaoke CD) that you can play in almost any karaoke machine.

Purchase or download CDG-burning software. Popular options are CDRWIN or Microstudio burner. Install and launch the program.

Download or rip a corresponding MCG file for the MP3 you wish to make as a karaoke track. The MCG file is the lyric video that will appear on the screen when you sing karaoke. It is essential that the file matches with the MP3 and that it is the same length and tempo. It is rarely an issue, however, as the MP3 and MCG files are usually taken from the same source CD.

Browse and locate the MP3 file and its corresponding MCG file on your hard drive.

Follow the directions in the program to create a .BIN file. This is the combination of the audio and graphic file that will play on any karaoke machine.

Insert a blank CDR into the CD burner drive and burn the .BIN file onto the disc.

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