How to Draw Lines on a Pool Table

Updated February 21, 2017

Drawing lines on a pool table is helpful when practicing complicated shots. Lines on the felt helps players see the angles that the balls need to follow into the pocket. Drawing lines also makes racking the pool balls easier. It is a simple visual reminder of where to place the top of the rack. Chalk is a good tool to use to draw with because it isn't permanent. Using impermanent lines provides flexibility for the player. Practice many different shots at once or focus on one difficult shot.

Determine the angles on the table you want to practice shooting. Pick various beginning points and find the spots on the table's edge where the ball strikes. These angles are found using the 30 and 90 degree rules.

Mark all beginning and ending points on the table with tailor's chalk. The beginning spot is the place where the cue hits the ball. The end mark is where the ball hits the edge of the table.

Use the chalk line to make straight lines across the pool table. A chalk line is a construction tool used to mark straight lines on flat surfaces. It consists of a solid body containing a ravelled line and chalk. When the string is pulled out and snapped, it leaves a line on the surface. This tool is available for purchase at most local hardware stores. Place the chalk line at the beginning point. Pull the string out to the end point. Snap the string to create a perfectly straight line between two points. Repeat for all marks made on the table.

Draw a one-inch horizontal line on the table using the tailor's chalk. Place the line where the top of the racking triangle goes.

Vacuum up excess dust left on the table from chalk marks.

Redraw the lines whenever they begin to fade. If you want to remove the lines, rub a damp cloth over the chalk.


Be careful not to press the tailor's chalk too firmly on the table. It has a sharp edge that can leave a permanent groove in the felt.

Things You'll Need

  • Chalk line
  • White tailor's chalk
  • Vacuum cleaner
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