How to Sell Stamps on eBay

Updated March 23, 2017

Selling stamps on eBay is not for everyone. In spite of the claims on some websites that you can make untold riches selling your stamp collection to collectors on eBay, the reality is that the majority of stamps in the average collection are not even worth their face value. However, if you do have valuable stamps, which you can determine by looking them up at the library, then you stand a very good chance of doing well selling them through eBay.

Determine what kind of stamp you have and the approximate value. You can search for this information online or visit your local library to review stamp catalogues to find approximate values of the stamps.

Take digital pictures of both the front and back of your stamp. Be sure the pictures are high resolution and show details. If there are particular places where the stamp is damaged, be sure to photograph those places as well.

Go to the eBay site. Click "Sell" and then click "Start Selling now."

Type "Postage Stamp" in the "Find a Matching Category" field. Select one or more of the categories that match your stamp. Click "Continue."

Fill in all the fields with details about your stamp. Provide as much detail as you can and if you have had the stamp inspected by a professional appraiser, be sure to mention that and offer to send a scanned copy of the appraisal upon request. You should upload the pictures of your stamp at this time.

Choose how long you want your auction to run and your minimum bid. Standard auctions run seven days. Your minimum bid is how much you want someone to bid to get the sale going--this is the starting bid, not necessarily the final amount. You also can specify that you want to offer a "Buy it Now" option that allows someone to skip the auction and purchase your stamp for a specified price. For instance, if you start the bidding at £3, but you feel you would be willing to let the stamp go at £32 if you can get a guaranteed offer, you can use "Buy it Now" to offer people the chance to purchase without bidding.

Click "Continue." You will be asked to verify the accuracy of your information. Click "List your item." Your stamp is now for sale.

Pack your stamp carefully in an envelope or other mailer and ship to your buyer after payment has been received and cleared.


If you are not sure how much you can get for your stamp, you can search eBay and see the prices of similar stamps. If you have several stamps that are not worth much, you may be able to sell them as a "lot" in which you sell them together. This often will produce more buyers than trying to sell individual low-value stamps.


Never send the stamp out until you have been paid. If your buyer refuses to pay, be sure to file a dispute with eBay.

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