How to write a sponsorship cover letter

Updated March 23, 2017

Many organisations like sports teams, fine arts clubs and other extra-curricular activities rely on fundraising and sponsorships to function. Writing a good cover letter is an important part of applying for a sponsorship, as it is the first impression your potential sponsor will get of your organisation and your reasons for requesting financial help.

Research sponsors, organisations and companies that are related to the group that requires sponsorship. Make a list of possible sponsors, and note whether or not they have sponsored other groups in the past. Find names of specific people within the organisations who handle finances or charitable contributions, so you can address the letter personally.

Open a new word document. Type the name of your group as a heading on the left side, and include contact information underneath if applicable. Double space and then type the date.

Double space and write the name of the person you are addressing. Type the company name and address single spaced directly beneath.

Double space and type a salutation that includes the name of the person, such as "Dear Mr. [Potential Sponsor's Name].

Write the opening paragraph and introduce yourself and the group you represent, providing general background information. Keep this paragraph to three sentences or less.

Write the middle paragraph describing more specifically the event or reason for your letter. Include information about the event, what you hope the results of the event will be, and offer options about specific payments that you can accept. Be polite but clear in the fact that you are requesting money or items, and include whether you can help the company or individual in return with free passes or tickets, acknowledgements or any other publicity.

Write the closing paragraph, thanking the potential sponsor for her time and noting whether or not there is a deadline for this sponsorship. Provide a phone number to reach you and note that you will follow up with a call. Write a closing, such as "Sincerely." Skip three spaces, then type your name and a title if you have one.

Print the cover letter and sign your name with blank ink above your typed name. Include a short form the individual can fill out and fax to you immediately. Another option, if possible, is to include a website or information about making a payment on line. The easier it is to make a payment, the more likely the potential sponsor will agree to help you.

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