How to write a student council treasurer speech

Updated March 24, 2017

The student council at an educational institution listens to the voice of the student body and tries to reconcile the students' needs with the institution's. Council members relay information from students to teachers and administrators and back to students. The treasurer has access to a budget that will be used for students' needs. The treasurer is responsible for the financial upkeep of the council, according to Tufts University's Student Council web page. As treasurer, you would have access to the council's account and keep records of all monetary transactions within the council. You need a good speech to deliver to the student body to help deliver the vote.

Take down some points about your experience. Note any academic or extra-curricular experience of importance, especially positions relating to other students. These could include your role in the student newspaper, finance club, literary magazine, campus clubs, a treasury position or a student job. Make a comprehensive list of the most important. Highlight significant moments when you made impacts that directly helped the school and the students. Make a note of a few experiences worth talking about. Also note any mathematics and finance courses you took.

Talk to other students, student council members and other candidates. Get feedback on the student body's needs and ideas. Write down these ideas and note the most important and relevant. Also take note of any events that the students would like to see happen and the finances needed to make these events work. Talk to finance teachers or former student council treasurers about their ideas and experiences. Get an idea of what the council needs financially and what you will be working with.

Begin the speech by typing a paragraph about yourself. This should note your background, grade-point average, academic activities and some personal information. Balance a professional attitude with some points with which other students can identify. Use a bit of humour or personality to distinguish yourself from other candidates. This can be a personal, funny or clever anecdote or joke.

Highlight any financial training or treasury positions that you have had. If you've had a job, internship or role in a financial office, mention these points. It is important to let the students know that your financial know-how can make an impact on the student council. Mention any high grades you received or advanced courses you took in math, finance or accounting.

Write a paragraph about your experience with the student body. List all the major student clubs and associations to which you belong, as well as any major impact you have made on the school. Tell of any experiences that show you are fit for a treasury position, including working with students on financial projects, saving money for student events or having a role in the financial planning for clubs.

Write about why you should be trusted with money and how you would make good financial decisions. Make reference to your own life---and your own good financial decisions.

Write another paragraph about ideas and concerns regarding the school and its students. Point out your understanding of the fiscal responsibility necessary to make changes and address points. Discuss any budget or financial ideas of pertinence.

Write a final paragraph thanking the student body for listening to the speech, and summing up the main elements of the discussion. These should include why the students should vote for you as treasurer and what major changes they can look forward to if they elect you. Let the students know what financial ideas you have that will make the student body a better place. End the speech on a strong, memorable note.

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