How to Get Super Glue Off Wood Floors

Updated April 17, 2017

Super Glue is a durable adhesive that powerfully bonds surfaces and dries quickly. There are a number of superglues available from different manufacturers, and almost all contain the same cyanoacrylate active ingredients. Super Glue can be very difficult to remove, as it is designed to last for the lifetime of the product on which it is being used. Removal can be even more problematic when the glue is bonded to sensitive surfaces such as wooden floors, which can lose their polish or finish and even be damaged by some removal methods.

Soak the glued area with nail polish remover. The mixtures used for nail polish remover are less damaging to soft surfaces such as plastic and wood than those found in Super Glue removers or straight acetone.

Scrub the affected area with one of your disposable sponges. The acetone in the nail polish remover quickly dissolves the Super Glue, resulting in a sticky, slimy substance that must be removed before it has time to harden again.

Dampen the area with nail polish remover again if the glue is not completely removed in the first pass. It may take multiple applications and scrubs, depending on the amount of glue to be removed.

Clean away the remover and any leftover slime with the second sponge. Using a new sponge helps ensure that the floor is completely cleaned of the chemicals.


Nail polish remover may still strip wax or polish from your floors. Test the mixture in a discreet corner of your floor to check what kind of repairs may be needed after removal.


Do your best to avoid the fumes given off during the removal process, as they may irritate the lungs. Keep the area as well ventilated as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Bottle of acetone nail polish remover
  • 2 soft disposable sponges
  • Water
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