How to Help Stop Fatty Tumors in Dogs

Updated February 21, 2017

Fatty tumours are also known as lipomas. These are benign tumours that consist of fatty deposits that sit under the skin. In dogs, they can be found most often in the stomach and the upper part of the legs. Certain breeds are more susceptible to fatty tumours such as Dobermans, miniature schnauzers and retrievers. Yet, all breeds of canine can get fatty tumours. These tumours are not life-threatening, but need to be watched to see if they become larger. If they increase in size and interfere with your dog's mobility, you may have to remove the fatty tumour.

Examine your dog's body during bathing to check for fatty tumours. Feel for small lumps on your pet's stomach area and upper legs. If any are found, take your pet to the veterinarian to determine if the lump is cancerous or benign.

Put your dog on a healthy diet. Avoid giving your pet table food or too many treats. Ask your veterinarian what type of dog food would be best for your dog according to size and breed. By keeping your dog on a healthy diet, it can help stop fatty tumours from occurring.

Avoid overfeeding your dog. The chances of your pet getting fatty tumours increase when your dog is overweight or obese. Check with your veterinarian for a recommended amount of food you should feed your dog in accordance to age and size.

Give supplements to your dog to increase the immune system. There are a few sold in pet stores such as Integrative Therapeutics Cellular Forte Max3 and Canine Complete. By increasing your pet's immune system, you will help stop fatty tumours from appearing.

Get your dog spayed to help stop fatty tumours. Females tend to get fatty tumours more often than males, particularly near their nipples. By spaying your pet, it can help decrease the chances of her getting these fatty tumours as well as lowering the possibility of getting cancer.


Keep your dog away from pesticides to help prevent fatty tumours.


Avoid getting unnecessary vaccinations for your dog throughout his life. Too many shots can lead to fatty tumours, particularly when they get older.

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