How to Cover an Ugly Stone Fireplace

Fireplaces can be a wonderful accent or focal point; however, you may not want them in some rooms. Perhaps you prefer other heating methods, or the fireplace is non-functioning, or you think it takes up too much wall space, or you just think it's ugly. You've taken the mantel off the wall, but removing and patching over the fireplace is beyond your expertise or budget. Fortunately, there are several easy and aesthetic options for covering a fireplace.

Hide the fireplace with fabric. Hang an ornamental carpet or Persian rug over it, or, if you need something less expensive, hang a quilt, blanket or bedspread with an interesting pattern. You can also hang floor-to-ceiling curtains over the fireplace. If there's a hearth, cover it with a large rug.

Put furniture in front of the fireplace. A large piece of furniture such as a sofa, buffet, china cabinet, bookcase or armoire would serve the purpose. Place a large folding screen in front of the fireplace, or lean a floor-to-ceiling mirror against the wall over it. This has the added benefits of reflecting light and making your room seem larger. Place a grandfather clock or tall potted plant in front of the fireplace and add a large, comfortable recliner and small accent table with a lamp.

Hang up some artwork. A very large picture or painting will cover the fireplace well. You could also have a favourite vacation photo or movie poster enlarged, framed, and hung up, or make your own art by painting a design on a large piece of canvas or white bed sheet; then frame and hang it on the wall over the fireplace.

Make a faux window. This interesting and unique piece of wall decor not only hides the fireplace but also serves as a focal point. Use an old multi-panel window and decorate it however you like. Stain or paint the frame, or sand it down to the original wood or carve designs into it. To the glass, glue little mirrors, multihued tiles, coloured cardstock, fabric, dried leaves or whatever strikes your fancy--or paint or frost the glass. Finally, attach hooks and hang it over the fireplace crosswise or lengthwise.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric: ornamental carpet, Persian rug, quilt, blanket, bedspread
  • Furniture: buffet, china cabinet, bookcase, armoire, folding screen
  • Artwork
  • Multi-panel window
  • Paint
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