How to sell used furniture online

Updated March 23, 2017

The Internet provides many opportunities for buyers and sellers to transact with each other. Selling used furniture is a common task, and this is easily achieved using online websites. The different avenues for selling furniture online will vary with respect to the size of the potential buying community you can reach as well as the type of financial transaction that occurs between the parties. You can find a method that suits you whether you wish to start your own furniture business or simply need to get rid of a few items. You can target buyers in your local area or seek customers from around the world.

Register for an account with FurniTrader if you seek access to a furniture-only website for selling your items. This site places emphasis on two key factors in the success of selling used furniture: photos and location. The system automatically establishes the distance between a potential buyer and you, the seller. This makes it easy for customers to browse for used furniture in their area. The service offers a simple tool for uploading photos of your used items, which is highly encouraged by FurniTrader. It is free to use FurniTrader, as the site charges no commissions on any sales made through its listings.

Sell your used furniture on eBay, one of the largest online auction websites in the world. eBay offers the ability to sell any kind of item, not just furniture. However, the site's detailed categorisation engine makes it possible to target customers looking for specific types of furniture. As of April 2010, the eBay "furniture" category includes more than 20 subcategories of furniture. This could increase exposure for your items. Unlike other websites, eBay is well-known and many buyers include eBay in their searches when seeking products. The service is not free, as eBay charges a commission on all sales. You can sell your product using an auction system where the highest bidder gets the purchase, or you can use the "Buy It Now" feature to sell with a set price. eBay is integrated with PayPal so you can accept credit card transactions if you have a PayPal account.

List your used furniture on Craigslist if you want a free option for conventional classified advertising on the Internet. Craigslist is organised by locality, so you can find local buyers easily. Craigslist does not charge a fee for its services, but the lack of any regulation on the site opens up the possibilities for scammers, thus some people are wary of interacting with Craigslist ads. Nonetheless, if you seek in-person contact with buyers in your city rather than rely on strictly online-only transactions, Craigslist may be the best choice. The service is not unlike listing your used furniture in a newspaper, although you may reach a wider audience.

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