How to Press Tulle

Tulle is a stiff, netted fabric that often used in formal and wedding gowns that require layers of support and dance tutus that must stand out straight and stiff from a dancer's waist. Tulle is also a common fabric for bridal veils because of its translucent quality. If tulle wrinkles, it can be pressed, but care must be taken not to melt the synthetic fibres.

Set the iron to a low heat with steam and allow it to warm up. Lay a towel on the ironing board, place the tulle over the towel and place the second towel over the tulle. Make sure the towels cover the tulle completely so the iron will not directly contact the tulle anywhere.

Apply the warm iron to the towel covering the tulle. Glide the iron back and forth to remove the wrinkles from the tulle beneath the towel.

Apply spurts of steam from the iron as you press the tulle to help remove the wrinkles.

Reposition the tulle and the towel layers to enable you to press the entire area of tulle to remove the wrinkles. Continue ironing through the towels until you press out every wrinkle.


Instead of ironing, hang tulle in a steamy bathroom with a shower running for 15 minutes. Often steam will remove wrinkles from tulle effortlessly. Spray tulle lightly with water in a spray bottle and use your hands to smooth the tulle while it is damp to remove some wrinkles. Take care not to overspray water onto any other areas of the article of clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Steam iron
  • Ironing board
  • 2 hand towels
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