How to Adjust Your Spring on a Honda CBR600RR Motorcycle

Altering your CBR600RR's suspension settings can drastically transform the way it handles on the road or racetrack. Adjusting the CBR's rear spring preload, the preset amount of compression placed on the spring, is a key element to setting the suspension for changing riding conditions. While the task is simple enough for most people to do on their own, fine-tuning the spring to attain the highest level of performance takes several sessions of riding and adjustments and may require the assistance from a few friends.

Lift the motorcycle off of its kickstand and have an assistant support it in a upright position. Using a tape measure, measure the vertical distance from the rear wheel's axle to the bottom of the motorcycle's subframe, the section of the frame that supports the seat. Take note of the measurement, listing the distance between the axle and the subframe in millimetres.

Sit on the motorcycle in a riding position while an assistant supports the motorcycle. Place both feet on the foot pegs and hands on the handlebars. Have a second assistant take a second vertical measurement from the rear axle to the same point on the subframe. Take note of this measurement.

Compare the set of measurements to determine the rear suspension's sag, the amount of compression placed on the rear shock absorber and spring while loaded with a rider. For general street riding, a difference of 25mm between the loaded and unloaded sag on the rear shock absorber is ideal. An increased dago of 30mm is better suited for aggressive track riding and racing.

Adjust the sag by increasing or decreasing the rear spring's preload. Use a spanner wrench to turn the adjustment collar above the spring. Turn the collar clockwise to increase the spring's preload, increasing the rear suspension's sag. Decrease the sag by turning the adjustment collar counter-clockwise.


Adjust the rear shock absorbers rebound and compression damping to fine tune the motorcycle's handing characteristics. Set the front fork's suspension settings as well to maximise your CBR600RR's potential.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Spanner wrench
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