How to Maintain Astroturf

Updated March 23, 2017

Maintaining AstroTurf is important to extending its life and keep it looking new. Astroturf can be professionally treated, and it can also be properly maintained by the owner. Astroturf is a brand of artificial turf, but the term is often used to describe any kind of artificial turf. Some AstroTurf comes with features such as antimicrobial protection, rubber infill and backing systems.

Join the AstroTurf Maintain the Game Program. This is a three-step turf maintenance program that includes lifting the turf fibre, removing debris and dirt, and decompacting the infill material. This process will improve the drainage, improve the resiliency, and keep the AstroTurf in top shape. This program is offered on an annual basis and is completed by a network of regional professionals.

Perform a sandmatic top off to the AstroTurf. This process involves adding infill rubber or a lift to replace infill material. The infill material can become displaced over the course of time due to the climate, excessive use or neglect.

Receive seam, logo and paint repair on an annual basis. Seam and logo repairs are done after an onsite inspection with the owner and are performed on a time and materials basis. Paint repair can also be done to restore clarity and colour to the turf.

Perform routine maintenance after each use. Use a bucket with a mild cleanser, such as dish soap, to remove any stains or spills that may appear after competition. Dip a scrub brush with soft bristles into the soapy water and scrub the problem area until the stain is gone. If stains are not removed immediately they may become permanent and cause the AstroTurf to harden.


Do not allow eating on the field, as food can stain the AstroTurf. Tobacco-laden spit will permanantly stain AstroTurf.


Only use a gentle cleanser to clean turf. Never use bleach.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Soap and water
  • Scrub brush


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