How to Make a Fake Birth Certificate for a Pet

Updated February 21, 2017

After the birth of a human, parents or gift givers often create a “decorative” birth certificate for use as a memento or gift to display in a scrapbook or picture frame. Pet owners, and those who give gifts to pet owners, often make "fake" pet birth certificates in desktop publishing software for the same reason including not only the pet's vital birth information, pet's photo and/or decorative graphics/text, but also information that can help act as a reference should the pet become lost or ill.

Create a file folder on your computer titled "Pet Birth Certificate" and then save any images that you want on the birth certificate—pet's photo, clipart of the pet type (cat, dog, rat/mouse, reptile, horse or other pet) and/or generic graphics of pet items such as a dog bone, pet dish or fish tank items—in the folder.

Write down the text that you want on the birth certificate. Text can include the pet's birth information (pet's name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, breed, colour, parent's names if known and human parent's names) and/or other information such as the words "Birth Certificate," a breeder’s name, emergency contact information or a poem. In addition, write down the text that you want to use on the birth certificate in relation to this information. For example, write the text out in a sentence style "(Pet's name) was born on (date of birth) at (place of birth) to parents (parents’ names)" or as line-by-line information:

"Pet's name: (insert name here)" "Date of Birth: (insert date of birth here)" "Place of birth: (insert place of birth here)"

Open a desktop publishing program and select a certificate template. Select a blank certificate or one with a pre-designed background artwork or graphics. If you want a certificate with pre-designed background artwork and can't find a template in the desktop publishing program, go to a website that offers free pet certificate or general certificate templates, review the various options, download the one you like and then open the template in your desktop publishing program.

Remove any images or text from the template that you don't want (if applicable) and then insert your own images and text as desired. Edit (crop, resize, recolor, adjust font, add special effects or borders) as needed.

Print the pet birth certificate on regular or special (for example, parchment, card stock or coated) paper.

Decorate the birth certificate as desired. For example, highlight the words "Birth Certificate" with fine-tipped coloured or metallic markers or add authenticity with an "official looking" embossed gold, copper or silver seal-style sticker.


If you have hard copies of images, scan the images to your computer using a scanner or scan the images at a retail photo kiosk, save to an external hard drive and then upload to your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Pet's photo (optional)
  • Decorative graphics (optional)
  • Text
  • Desktop publishing software
  • Fine-tipped markers
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Scanner (optional)
  • Retail photo kiosk (optional)
  • External hard drive (optional)
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