How to Format SD Memory Cards for a PS2

Updated February 21, 2017

After you purchase a Secured Data (SD) memory card for the PlayStation 2 video game console you can use it to save game files. When you first insert the new memory card into your console you may be prompted to format the memory card, but if you're not you can manually format the memory card yourself. If you have an SD memory card that has corrupt files on it you can reformat the card to make it safe for use again.

Insert the SD memory card into the "Slot 1" port of your PlayStation 2, located above the "Controller 1" port.

Turn on your PlayStation 2 without a game disc or CD in the loader. You will then enter the main menu of your PlayStation 2 memory settings.

Click on the "Browser" option by pressing the "X" button on your controller and then select the memory card that you want to format.

Choose the "Yes" option in the pop-up dialogue box that will appear if your memory card is unformatted. Your memory card will then be formatted.

Go back to the main menu if your card is already formatted and you want to reformat it. Click on the "System Configuration" option and then click on the "Memory Settings" option.

Click on the memory card you want to reformat and then click on the "Format" option. Allow time for the process to complete and your memory card will be reformatted.


When you reformat your previously formatted memory card you will lose any data that was stored on the card.

Things You'll Need

  • PlayStation 2
  • SD memory card
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