How to Make Ink From Natural Ingredients

Homemade ink provides you with an added touch to your homemade stationary and other craft endeavours. Making ink from natural materials proves to be easy for the home craft hobbyist, and ink can be made from a variety of organic and natural items. The ingredients used to make your ink varies from colour to colour, which allows you the ability to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. From deep blacks to vibrant reds and pinks, natural ingredients create striking inks for a plethora of applications.

Spread the black walnuts out in the basin or stainless steel sink, and crack them with the mallet. If you don't have a mallet, use a rolling pin or an unopened can of vegetables or soup. Just crack the husks of the nuts, don't remove them.

Add the cracked nuts to the saucepan. Make sure to gather up excess pieces of husk and broken walnut, and add them to the pan as well.

Add the distilled water to the pan, cover it, and set the stove to medium heat. Let it come to a slow boil for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Spread the cheesecloth over the top of the saucepan, after removing its lid. Let it drape there while the contents come to room temperature.

Strain the contents of the pan through the cheesecloth and into the basin. The water will be deep black. Add the witch hazel to it, and add it to the jar with a spoon or plunger.

Add the rose petals to a bowl. Use deep red rose petals of the most vibrant tone you can find. Lincoln and Victoria variety roses are very red and aromatic.

Add about an ounce of witch hazel to the bowl. Smash the rose petals with a blunt object, such as part of a mortar and pestle set. Smash the rose petals into a pulp, mixing the pulp into the witch hazel.

Spoon the pulpy mixture in a heap onto the centre of a sheet of cheesecloth. Wrap the cheesecloth around the pulp.

Squeeze the cheesecloth-wrapped pulp firmly, expelling the deep-red liquid from it into a small ink jar of about an ounce in size.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 pound black walnuts
  • 4 cups distilled water
  • 28.4gr. witch hazel
  • Medium saucepan
  • Cheese cloth
  • Small mallet
  • Stainless basin or sink
  • Ink bottle (340gr)
  • Rose petals (0.454kg)
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