How to Cancel Credit Card XBox Live

If you are finished with your Xbox Live Gold subscription and need to cancel the auto-renewal feature, there are simple steps you can take. With multiple ways to accomplish this, you won't have to worry about Microsoft billing your credit card next month. While Microsoft obviously wants you to keep your subscription, there are two methods of cancelling your account.

Sign into your Xbox Live account at

Click on "Membership Level."

Click on "Silver (Free)." This is the free version of an Xbox Live account. Your Gold subscription will last through the rest of the current billing cycle.

Click "Next."

Click "Confirm."

Call 1-800-4MYXBOX (1-800-469-9269). You can also cancel your membership through the hotline. You will need to make sure you have all of your account information ready.


Make sure you follow through to the end of the process. A partially completed transaction will not make the needed change to your account.


An Xbox Live Gold account is required to play games online and stream Netflix movies, so by cancelling your account you are foregoing these features.

Things You'll Need

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox Live Gold account
  • Personal computer
  • Internet connection
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