How to Learn Basic German Phrases & Pronunciation for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

The German language and the English language are actually very closely related, in fact both languages emerge from the same root dialect (English is a Germanic language). But despite their close relation, German can be a difficult language for English speakers to learn. It is best to begin learning a new language at an early age. If you want your child to begin learning German, try these exercises to help him learn basic phrases.

Write the following 10 phrases on the front of 10 index cards in this exact order: Guten Tag, Auf Wiedersehen, Gesundheit!, Danke (schön / sehr), Ja/Nein, Wie geht es Ihnen?, (Sehr) Gut / So lala, Wie heißen Sie?, Ich heiße..., Woher kommen Sie?, Ich komme aus...,Sprechen Sie deutsch?

Write the words very large, taking up the entire card.

Write the following English translations on the back of the cards in this exact order; Good Day, Goodbye, Bless you!, Thank you, Yes / No, How are you?, (Very) Good / OK, What's your name?, My name is... [I am called...], Where are you from?, I'm from..., Do you speak German?

Use the index flash cards to help your child learn the German phrases. Pronounce the words slowly, syllable by syllable and have the child repeat the words in the same manner.

Pronounce "Guten Tag" as "Goo-ten Tahk."

Pronounce "Auf Wiedersehen" as "Owf vee-dair-zayn."

Pronounce "Gesundheit!"as "Geh-soont-hyt."

Pronounce "Danke (schön / sehr)" as dahn-kuh shurn / zair.

Pronounce "Ja / Nein" as "Yah / Nine."

Pronounce "Wie geht es Ihnen?" as "Vee gayt es ee-nen."

Pronounce ("Sehr) Gut / So lala" as "Zair goot / zo lahlah."

Pronounce "Wie heißen Sie?" as "Vee hie-ssen zee."

Pronounce "Ich heiße.." as "Ikh hie-ssuh."

Pronounce "Woher kommen Sie?" as "Vo-hair koh-men zee."

Pronounce "Ich komme aus..."as "Ikh koh-muh ows..."

Pronounce "Sprechen Sie deutsch?"as "Shpreck-en zee doytch?"


Try associating the phrases with things that the child can readily identify with. For instance, when pronouncing "Auf Wiedersehen," you could wave to the child, as if you are waving "Goodbye." Or, you could pretend to sneeze and have the child say, "Gesundheit!"

Things You'll Need

  • German-to-English dictionary
  • Package of index cards
  • Marker
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