How to Highlight Text in Email on Outlook

Updated July 20, 2017

The most basic e-mail messages consist of nothing but text. That is fine as far as it goes, but your communication can be much richer if it includes more than just plain text. Outlook 2010 uses HTML to give you a much richer set of options for communicating than only words. One way you can enhance your communication in e-mail messages is to highlight words or passages that require special emphasis. This is easy to accomplish with Outlook 2010.

Start Outlook 2010 if it is not already running.

Open the email message that requires highlighting.

Select the word or passage that needs to be highlighted.

Click the "Format Text" tab on the ribbon.

Click the Text Highlight Color icon in the Font section of the ribbon. This icon looks like the letters "ab" with a yellow highlighter. Outlook highlights the text you selected previously.


To select a single word, you can double-click it. To select multiple words, position the mouse cursor before the first character, press the left mouse button, and drag across the text you want to highlight, then release the left mouse button.

Things You'll Need

  • Outlook 2010
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