How to Thread a Necchi BF "Mira" Sewing Machine

Written by aubrey kerr | 13/05/2017
How to Thread a Necchi BF "Mira" Sewing Machine
Thread a vintage Mira sewing machine. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

If you're lucky enough to find a vintage Necchi BF Mira sewing machine at a yard sale or in your grandma's garage, chances are you're missing the manual. Fortunately, the BF Mira is nearly identical to the BU Nova and some later models, so you can thread your Mira using any late model Necchi instructions. It won't take long for you to thread and sew with your vintage Mira sewing machine.

Place your thread on the spool holder just above the Necchi logo on the top of the machine.

Raise the needle using the hand wheel on the right. Turn the handle until the needle, and the movable needle bar in the front of the machine, are at their highest point.

Pull the thread over the metal thread guide at the top of the machine, just to the right of the needle bar.

Loop the thread down and around the round tension disc at the front of the machine near the needle.

Slide the thread around the hook next to the round tension disc and pull the thread up to the top of the needle bar.

Guide the thread through the hole in the needle bar. It should still be raised at the top of the machine.

Insert the thread through the small metal thread guide down on the front of the machine near the needle.

Thread the eye of the needle and leave approximately 4 inches of thread dangling freely behind the presser foot.

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