How to Find Cleaning Contracts

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding cleaning contracts is the best way for a cleaning company to grow. A cleaning contract is an agreement between a cleaning company and a customer that indicates that you will be cleaning the customer's home or commercial property for a particular amount of money for a specific number of times on designated dates. When you have written cleaning contracts, you can plan on the income for the term of the contract. Finding cleaning contracts can be somewhat difficult, depending on your ability to interact with potential customers and how ambitious you are in finding the contracts.

Make cold calls to businesses or residences. Scroll through the yellow pages in your community and pick an industry like "Attorneys" to start calling. Call down the list. Ask to speak to the manager or owner and make an appointment to come in to speak with him about your cleaning service. If you seek residential cleaning contracts, call residences in your area by scrolling through the white pages of your local phone book. You may also cold call by visiting the offices or homes directly instead of telephoning ahead of time.

Show up at the office or home at the designated meeting time. Dress professionally and present your business card upon greeting your potential customer.

Listen to the needs of your potential customers. Find out how many rooms they need cleaned, what specifically they request to have accomplished on cleaning visits and how frequently they would like you to clean for them. Be pleasant and understanding of their needs.

Be flexible when first attempting to find cleaning contracts. You might find greater success acquiring three- or six-month cleaning contracts at lower prices than what you might otherwise charge just to get the contract. At the end of the contract term and after proving that you do a good job, you can renegotiate the contract at a gradually higher rate.

Invite your potential customer to sign your contract. Fill in the blanks for the terms of the contract, the frequency of visits and the amount the customer owes on each visit.

Things You'll Need

  • Standard written cleaning contract
  • Business cards
  • Dedicated phone line
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