How to Build a Garden Shed Door

Updated February 21, 2017

A door completes a garden shed. It finalises the appearance of the structure by sealing an otherwise large opening. A garden shed door also protects the shed's contents from curious critters and the elements. Garden shed doors don't need to be fancy, expensive or complicated, they just need to work.

Measure the height and width of the shed's door opening. Your garden shed door will fit flush with the exterior of the shed. Subtract 1/8 inch from the width and height of the opening to allow for clearance and the results are the final dimensions of your shed door.

Mark and cut the 1 by 6 lumber to size. The 1 by 6 serves as the vertical, exterior sheathing of the door. Using the framing square, mark the 1 by 6 at the height that you calculated in step one. Cut enough of these boards to span the width that you calculated in step one. If you must trim a board lengthwise to achieve the proper width, use your circular saw's rip guide.

Mark and cut the 2 by 2 lumber to size. The 2 by 2 will become a light frame for the shed door. Mark and cut two pieces to the final width from step one-these pieces serve as a top and bottom rail for the frame. Mark and cut two pieces to serve as stiles that run along the edges of the door between the top and bottom rails-these pieces are equivalent to the final height of the door minus the thickness of two 2 by 2's. Mark and cut a centre rail: this piece runs the width of the door between the stiles and its length is equivalent to the final width of the door minus the thickness of two 2 by 2's.

Construct the light frame of your garden shed door. Attach the pieces together as described above. Use nails and hammer or screws and drill.

Attach the 1 by 6 to the door's frame. Use six fasteners per board-two for each for the top, centre and bottom rail.

Fasten the hinges to the shed. Measure, mark, and attach the hinges so the shed door hangs plumb and square in its opening. The 1/8 inch that you subtracted from the opening's dimensions in step one allows for 1/16 inch clearance on every side of the door.

Put the assembled shed door in place and attach it to the hinges. Mark hinge placement on the door prior to hanging it. You can use shims and scraps of wood to hold the door in place while you fasten the hinges.

Attach the door pull to the exterior of the door.


Increase your frame's strength by sheathing the interior face of the door or placing brackets at the corners of the frame. To save some labour, use plywood instead of lumber for sheathing. Install door stops or an exterior latch to keep your door in place. Extend the life of your door by weatherproofing the lumber with sealer, paint or stain.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 by 6 lumber
  • 2 by 2 lumber
  • Fasteners
  • Hammer or drill
  • Door pull
  • Strap hinges
  • Circular saw with rip guide
  • Framing square
  • Carpenter's pencil
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