How to Turn Professional Playing Darts

Updated February 21, 2017

Becoming a professional darts player requires more than just a love for the game. It requires exquisite aim and relentless precision in all aspects of the game. In order to compete at the top level, a person must practice extensively and get themselves ready for the gruelling lifestyle that is the professional dart circuit.

Enter an amateur dart competitions. Amateur competitions can be found everywhere from the local bar to venues provided by the ADA (American Darters Association). In order to even be considered for the professional circuit, you must prove yourself on the amateur level and develop a winning reputation.

Train. Training is the single most important step in becoming a professional dart player. Professionals train for hours each day to perfect their aim, their footwork and their form. Consider hiring a professional coach to critique the weaker aspects of your game and to develop your strong points. Training time will differ depending on the individual, but it is strongly recommended to train for at least two to three years before attempting the professional circuit.

Register for the professional circuit. Contact the ADA and go through its registration process to become eligible to compete in the open events. In order to remain actively registered with the ADA, you will have to maintain certain performance standard, which depend on the games in which you choose to participate. If you perform at a low level, you will be disqualified from further competition at the professional level.

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