How to Make Yahoo My Home & Start-Up Page

Written by si kingston | 13/05/2017

Yahoo is one of the most popular Web portals. Yahoo users who decide to set the portal as their home page do so for the convenience of features such as having quick access to search options, news or their e-mail. By default, most Web browsers will be set to display the website of the computer manufacturer or the operating system as the browser's home page. Resetting your home page on either Internet Explorer or Firefox to Yahoo only takes a second.

Open Internet Explorer.

Select the "Tools" menu.

Select "Internet Options."

Type in the "Home page" field, then press "OK" to save Yahoo as your Internet Explorer home page.

Open your Firefox Web browser.

Select "Tools."

Select "Options" from the Tools menu.

Type into the "Home Page" field.

Press "OK" to save Yahoo as your Firefox home page.

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