How can I delete my email address permanently?

Updated July 19, 2017

Deleting an e-mail address that you no longer use is just as easy as creating it. Note that when you delete your e-mail address or account, all account settings, inbox and outbox messages as well as other documents saved in your draft folder will be deleted. Remember to back up all important files before deleting your e-mail address.

Log on to your Yahoo! e-mail account. Click the "Help" button and wait for another browser window to appear. Under "Top Questions," select the "How do I close my Yahoo! account?" option.

Click the "Account Termination" link, and then log in once again if you are prompted to do so. Read the "Termination Agreement" page, and then type your password in the box provided to confirm your action.

Enter the "Code" shown in the box, and then select "Yes, terminate this account." If you want to cancel your action, simply select "No," or navigate away from the page.

Navigate to and log on to your account. Click the "Help" link located at the upper portion of the window.

Type "close account" in the search box provided and browse through the search results.

Select "Close your account," and then follow the on-screen process of closing the account. Instructions may be different if you have a free or paid subscription.

Log on to your Gmail account. Click "Settings" located at the upper portion of the screen. Select "Accounts" and then "Google Account Settings."

Click on the "Edit" option next to "My Products" and select "Remove Gmail Permanently."

Click the check box for "Are you sure you want to permanently delete" Enter your current password and click on "Remove Gmail."


It may take time before your e-mail account is permanently and completely removed from the email provider's database. You will be notified how long the process will take. If you have a different e-mail account other than the ones mentioned, the process may be relatively similar. Refer to the "Help" link for specific instructions on how to delete your e-mail account.


If you are subscribed to the your e-mail provider's "premium services," cancel your account first and then proceed to deleting the account. Note that deleting an account does not automatically cancel your billing.

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