Directions for building a bird's nest

Updated April 17, 2017

Making your own bird's nest is a fun and easy project that requires very few materials. Maybe you have a child who is interested in birds and wants to try building a nest of her own. Perhaps you want to give your house a rustic look by displaying a bird's nest on the mantle over the fireplace. You can have an authentic-looking bird's nest of your own in just a few minutes.

Separate your twigs according to their approximate width. All of the twigs should be fairly narrow, but some should be skinnier than others.

Weave the slightly wider twigs together in the general shape you want your nest to be, starting with a roughly circular base and building up the sides in a ring. You will find it fairly easy to get them to stay together if you include some supple young twigs that are relatively long.

Thread the narrower twigs through the nest framework you created with the wider twigs. This will make the nest look more authentic and will help the larger twigs to stay in place.

Place dried grass or other small, soft plant pieces inside the nest to line it. Insert a few pieces of grass through the framework of twigs for an even more authentic appearance.

Crack open a chicken egg and discard (or cook and eat) the contents. Rinse the shell thoroughly, let it dry, and break it into small and medium-sized pieces. Put a few of these eggshell pieces inside your bird's nest to make it look like baby birds have hatched there.


For best results, use fresh and supple twigs rather than dried twigs. These are easier to work with and will dry within a few days. If you're having trouble keeping the framework of your nest together, spread a little bit of white glue on the twigs before weaving them together. This will help them stay in place once they dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Twigs of various widths
  • Dried grass, moss or other small, soft plant pieces
  • Chicken egg (optional)
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