How to Make a Corded Phone Cordless

Updated April 17, 2017

Corded telephones are still in use by many home telephone users. The actual physical apparatus of a corded phone system cannot be converted to a cordless system. However, a corded phone system can be changed to a cordless system. The cordless system allows the user to move throughout the house away from the base of the cordless phone without any interruptions in service or quality of reception.

Contact your telephone service provider and have the touch tone service installed in your home. All cordless phones use this touch tone service, and if you currently have a rotary service, this upgrade may cost a nominal fee and must be activated by your current provider.

Purchase a cordless telephone at any retail outlet such as Target, Best Buy or Sears. Pay particular attention to the distance that you can travel away from the cordless base. Usually, further that you can travel away from the base, the more expensive the cordless telephone. Also, find out how much replacement batteries cost for a cordless telephone before purchasing.

Plug in your new cordless telephone and test its operation. Follow the directions included with your new cordless telephone. Once it is fully operating, you can begin to use your new cordless telephone.


Some cordless telephones come equipped with a headphone port to plug in a headset so that you will not have to carry a handset around while you talk on the telephone.


Keep your cordless phone charged on the base while it is not in use because your call will be interrupted if your cordless phone loses battery power while in use.

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