How to Connect a THD Hot Plate

Updated March 23, 2017

The THD Hot Plate is an amplifier attenuator. It links your amplifier and speaker cabinet, allowing you to modify the sound. The Hot Plate is most commonly used for distortion; at lower volumes, most amplifiers cannot take full advantage of distortion effects. Amplifier attenuators, such as the Hot Plate, eliminate this problem.

Verify your Hot Plate is compatible with your speaker cabinet. It is not advisable to connect a Hot Plate with a different impedance level than the speaker cabinet. There are five different Hot Plate models, with common impedance levels. If you are unsure, verify the speaker's impedance level on your cabinet label (look for the Greek omega symbol).

Turn your amplifier off. Connect a speaker cable from the amplifier "Out" jack to the Hot Plate "In" jack.

Connect another speaker cable to one of the "Out" jacks on your Hot Plate. Connect the other end to the "In" jack on your speaker cabinet.

Turn your amplifier on. Adjust the dial on the Hot Plate to your preferred settings; turning it to the right increases the volume, while turning it the left decreases the volume. Experiment to find the desired setting.


If you want to connect the Hot Plate to two speaker cabinets at the same time, attach another speaker cable from the second "Out" jack on the Hot Plate to the second speaker cabinet. If your connecting to two speaker cabinets, both cabinets must have the same impedance (examine the label on the back).


Do not use instrument cables; only use speaker cables. Instrument cables cannot handle the excess power. The Hot Plate is not compatible with mini-amps (no speaker output). If your amplifier is directly connected to your speakers without a speaker output cable, you'll have to have a professional install the jack.

Things You'll Need

  • Speaker cables
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