How to Repair Drawer Slides

Drawer slides enable drawers to open and close easily. When they become bent or damaged, they need to be repaired. Once they start sticking and jamming, you need to know how to repair drawer slides. It is a straightforward project that any homeowner can do. If the slide does need to be replaced, take the old one with you to the store to make sure you get exactly what is needed.

Open the drawer up and remove it by lifting up and rolling the drawer roller over the top of the cabinet rail roller. Then, carefully pull down and out, removing the drawer from the cabinet.

Inspect the drawer slide and the cabinet for loose or missing screws. The missing screws are most likely at the bottom of the cabinet.

Replace any missing screw by attaching new ones with a screwdriver. Tighten down any loose screws. If the holes are slightly worn down, repair them by adding a few drops of wood glue into the holes before attaching the screws.

Drill new attaching holes for screws that will not tighten or where the original hole is worn. Using a drill, create a new hole through the slide and the drawer. Attach the appropriate screw by installing it with a screwdriver.

Inspect all the rails for bends and misalignment. They can be reshaped using a pair of pliers, in most cases.

Replace the drawer slide with a new one, if necessary. You can buy drawer slide kits at hardware stores. Remove all the existing drawer slide components from the drawer and cabinet. Install the new drawer slide kit on the drawer and cabinet and insert the drawer back in the cabinet.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Wood glue
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • Replacement drawer slide
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