Car Suspension Tips

Updated April 17, 2017

While a car's suspension is a vital part that should be kept in good repair, it can also be used to customise your car. Adding a custom suspension, whether raised or lowered, can greatly improve the ride and performance of your vehicle. Before changing the suspension on your car, decide what the new suspension should enable your car to do.

Raised Suspension

A raised suspension is mostly found on trucks used for mud riding or show trucks. The suspension raises the frame of your truck up from the axles. The height depends on your preference, since lift kits are available in many different heights. The raised suspension does not raise the axles, so they will still be the same height from the ground. To raise the axles, larger, taller tires must be used. A raised suspension can be easily bought as a lift kit. These kits are sold at automotive parts and speciality stores, and are available for almost any truck. Before ordering a lift kit, you will need to know the make, model and exact year of your truck. You should also know to what height you want to raise your truck.

Lowered Suspension

Lowered suspensions can improve the handling and performance of your car or truck. Vehicles that are lowered have a lower centre of gravity, which helps them handle turns and corners better. Lowering kits can make lowering your car or truck easier than some other methods. Choosing to lower your vehicle's suspension by cutting the springs or removing parts can be dangerous. Extremely lowering the suspension on your vehicle can sometimes cause negative camber. Negative camber is caused by the tires not sitting flat on the road, and leaning in at the top. This leaves the bottoms of the tires to point to the outside, with the tread of the tire not landing evenly on the road. This causes rubbing on the inner fenders and bad tire wear. A camber kit can be purchased to correct this problem, along with an alignment.

Air Suspension

An air suspension is made up of rubber air bags placed on the frame or supporting frame. They can be inflated to lift the vehicle, and deflated to lower it. Air bags started out as helpers for regular suspensions, adding height in the rear of a truck when pulling a heavy trailer or load. They are now used mostly for show on cars and trucks. Air bag suspensions can be added to vehicles with lowering kits to lift the vehicle back up to stock ride height. They can also be used for trucks that have had body drops. A body drop lowers a vehicle so low to the ground that is almost impossible to drive. An air suspension can raise the vehicle up off the ground so that it can safely be driven on the road.

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