How to make a mock roman shade

Updated July 20, 2017

A mock Roman shade is a decorative valance, not an actual working shade. The mock Roman usually has about three to four large pleats folding on top of each other horizontally. The most common type of mock Roman is mounted on a board and then placed above a window as a decorative valance. A drapery weight fabric is recommended in a solid or all-over type of pattern, like a check, stripe, dot, or smaller print. A large printed fabric would lose its design because of the folds.

Measure your window and cut your board to width size. The board should stick out far enough from the window to clear any blinds that may be underneath it. Decide the length of the valance.

Fold the fabric into three or four even horizontal pleats, and staple, sew or glue the pleats together.

Glue or sew side hems; 2- or 3-inch hems are recommended. Starch and iron the pleats for a flatter look if desired.

Staple the pleated fabric to the board with a staple gun. Once the board is installed, the pleats can be adjusted.


If multiple mock Romans are going in the same room, take the time to match up any patterns.


Depending on your sewing skill level, sewing the seams together is less messy and more professional-looking than gluing.

Things You'll Need

  • Board
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Gue gun
  • Starch
  • Iron
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