How to Make Your Own Electric Kiln

Updated March 23, 2017

Having your own kiln has many benefits. Although you have many different options for purchasing a kiln, it is very easy to build your own electric kiln.

Make a 45-degree cut on the corner of 16 bricks with a table saw. Cut a 1-inch deep groove into the flat side of all of the bricks.

Lay out eight bricks on a sheet of cardboard and trace their outside edge with a pen. Start the layout with two angled bricks, angling the cut sides up and outward. Align four uncut bricks to form a square. Place two angled bricks, pointing the cuts down and outward to finish the six-sided shape of the kiln.

Take two angled bricks and set them with the cuts up and out. Place two normal bricks upright vertically against the seams of the bottom bricks. Add two angled bricks with the angled sides pointed down and out. Repeat this layout to create the double layered kiln body.

Use a thin layer of heat mortar to glue the bricks together. Put the bricks on a plastic sheet to prevent sticking. Remove the excess mortar. Make the top and the bottom in the same way. Leave all of the pieces to dry for 24 hours.

Place the kiln on a piece of sheet metal to protect the firebrick from crumbling.

Install the coils. Use the pre-made holes to screw the control box to the kiln. Connect the ground wire (green) to one of the screws.

Switch the control box on and test the temperature of the kiln coils, as they tend to vary between coil designs.


Wear safety goggles while cutting brick.

Things You'll Need

  • Mitre saw
  • 28 2-by-4-by-9-inch firebricks
  • Table saw
  • Safety goggles
  • Cardboard
  • Drill
  • High heat mortar
  • Kiln coils with control box
  • 10-by-10-inch piece of sheet of metal
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