How Do I Get My Computer to Recognize My Micro SD Card?

Updated July 19, 2017

A microSD device is a digital storage device used in many mobile phones and MP3 players. It is a smaller version of the standard SD memory card, about one-quarter its size, and has a storage capacity that ranges from 128MB to 4GB. In order for you to read files inside the microSD card using your computer, you need either a microSD card reader or a microSD card adaptor.

Insert the microSD card into the microSD card reader and make sure that the card is properly connected to the device. Plug the microSD card reader into a USB port in your computer and wait for the computer to recognise the device.

Use a microSD card adaptor to read your microSD card if you do not have a microSD card reader. A microSD adaptor basically looks like a standard SD card but is designed to accommodate a microSD card to fit the SD card slot. Simply insert the microSD card into the microSD adaptor and then plug the adaptor into the SD slot in your computer.

Plug the SD card adaptor into an SD card reader if the computer you are using does not have an SD slot. Consequently, plug the SD card reader into a USB port in your computer.

Use your phone to read your microSD card. Plug one end of the USB cable that comes with your phone to the mini USB port in your phone and plug the other end to a USB port in your computer. When you are prompted that the device is recognised, install syncing software (if applicable). Many phones and MP3 players can be connected to the computer without using any software.

Navigate to the location of the removable drive. Open the folder to see if you can browse the files in the microSD card.


If the computer fails to recognise the microSD card, unplug the microSD card reader and plug it a second time. If it is still not recognised, reboot the computer. If this does not yield any positive results, the device you are using to read the microSD card (card reader or adaptor) may be malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Things You'll Need

  • MicroSD card reader or microSD card adaptor
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