How to clean rain gutters from the ground

Updated April 17, 2017

Cleaning rain gutters is necessary to prevent them from getting clogged. When rain gutters become clogged, they will cause damage to the house such as basement flooding and roof rotting. Cleaning gutters can be a dangerous job if you have to use a ladder. You may lose your balance and fall which could cause injury. To avoid the potential hazards of cleaning gutters using a ladder, you can clean rain gutters from the ground with the right cleaning device.

Purchase a device that is specifically designed to clean rain gutters from the ground. The device should have paddles on the end to clean out the debris. If you do not have a pole to attach the device too, you will need to purchase one as well. You can purchase gutter cleaning devices and poles from most home improvement stores or over the Internet.

Adjust the paddles to fit in your gutter. Make sure they are not spaced too far out or they will not fit on the inside of the gutter.

Attach the gutter cleaning device to the pole. This is done by simply pushing the pole into the hole on the device.

Lift the pole up in the air and angle it so the blades of the gutter device fit inside of the gutter.

Move the pole from side to side so the blades of the device sweep the leaves and debris out of the gutter. When there are no more leaves being swept out of the gutter, remove the device by angling the pole upwards.

Squirt water into the gutter with a hose. This will get out any remaining debris. Keep squirting water into the gutter until no more dirt or debris is coming out of it.


It may take several cleaning attempts before you have mastered using the cleaning device and cleaning out your gutters.


Do not attempt to clean the gutter when there is lightening. If you do so, you risk being struck by lightening and being injured.

Things You'll Need

  • Gutter cleaning device
  • Pole
  • Hose
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