Safe Products for Cleaning a Cement Tile Roof

Updated February 21, 2017

Cement tile roofs can have the appearance of terracotta or ceramic tile roofs, but they are cheaper and last longer. The concrete is also available in a wide range of colours, shapes and textures. Many manufacturers recommend hiring a professional to clean your concrete tile roof. But you can clean the roof on your own by using safe products that will not damage the concrete tiles.

Pressue Washers

Pressure washers are essential for cleaning cement tile roofs because the pressure washer will clean in between the tiles in areas that you might not easily access with a brush. They also provide enough pressure so that you don't need to scrub each individual tile. And they allow you to clean the entire roof from far distances such as the top of a ladder. Take care never to use too much pressure as some high pressure can dislodge, crack or chip the concrete tiles.

Pressure Washer Detergent

Use pressure washer detergent to clean concrete roofs. Choose a detergent that is cleared for use on driveways and sidewalks as it will also be suitable for cleaning concrete roof tiles. Pressure washer detergents will not clog your pressure washer. Purchase pressure washer detergent at home improvement stores or from an online cleaning supply retailer.


You can use bleach to remove algae, mould and mildew growth. Bleach will also remove dirt and other stains on your cement tile roof. To use it, dilute the bleach to 5 to 7 per cent, which will prevent the bleach from staining your roof tiles. Spray the bleach solution into the concrete tiles with a pressure washer, and let the solution sit on the tiles to loosen the stains. Wash the bleach and the dirt residue off with water from the pressure washer. Do not use too much pressure as this could damage the concrete roof tiles.

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