Crackled Glass Crafts

Written by lisa mcquerrey | 13/05/2017
Crackled Glass Crafts
Crackled glass reflects light in an artful manner. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Crackled glass is a glass that contains hundreds of minuscule cracks across its surface, some smooth, some slightly rough to the touch. While the glass has the appearance of being cracked, it still is structurally sound and does not run the risk of breaking any more than any other type of glass. Because of its cracked finish, crackled glass is used frequently for glass crafts because the cracks create tiny prisms from which light is reflected, which makes it useful for projects such as candle or votive holders, lampshades and window hangings.

Crackled Glass Candle Holders

Create a crackled glass craft candle holder by repurposing an inexpensive glass vase or smooth jar. Use broken shards of crackled glass sheeting and tile grout to create a mosaic pattern on the outside of the glass base. The supplies for this crackled glass project can be found at most arts and crafts stores.

Crackled Glass Window Hanging

Create a crackled glass craft window hanging by soldering together pieces of crackled glass sheeting. Follow a commercial stained glass pattern for this project, or create your own abstract design. Materials for this project can be purchased through a stained glass supply company.

Crackled Glass Jewelry Box

Use the same stained glass soldering technique to create a crackled glass craft jewellery box. Solder together pieces of crackled glass sheeting into a box shape, and secure the top piece by creating a hinged lid. Hinge hardware can be found at a hardware or home improvement store.

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